Underground tunnels for Thessaloniki Metro are finally complete

Thessaloniki Metro

Thessaloniki Metro

The Thessaloniki Metro is a few steps closer to completion, according to the President of Attiko Metro Yiannis Mylopoulos, who said that the digging of the underground tunnels in Thessaloniki is now 100% complete.

Mylopoulos who posted images on his Facebook page said, “One hundred percent of the underground tunnel digging has been completed, 80 percent of the civil engineer projects have also been completed and 60 percent of the total project that extends to connect Kalamaria with the Thessaloniki Metro has also been finalised.”

“The tunnels, that will soon be used for the city’s metro train system joining the main city line with Kalamaria have been the most technically challenging and expensive part of the project.”

Reaffirming that the extension of the Metro to Kalamaria is proceeding at a rapid pace, Mylopoulos noted that as of now demolition at the construction site at Vassilissis Olgas Avenue and Moschonissia and Metropolitan of Kydonia Gregoriou was taking place.  

The placement of rails along a large part of the route underneath the city is underway and new rails are being placed every day, highlighting the long-awaited project is in its final stages.