Arsonist arrested for setting fires in Marathon, Attica

arsonist arrested

arsonist arrested Athens

Police have arrested a 35-year-old man, accused of arson in the area of Rizari in Marathon, East Attica, while the fires of Mati were raging last week.

The suspect, who resisted arrest and tried to escape from authorities, is believed to have told police he “likes to set fires and watch the firefighters rush to put them out.”

According to a statement released by the Greek Fire Service, the man is reported to have set five fires in Marathon with a cigarette lighter on land plots in the Rizari area. Two of them were set alight on July 26, the days after the deadly fires in Mati.

The man is to be charged for acts of intentional arson and disobedience to the law enforcement authorities.

Police are investigating to see if the man was also responsible for setting any of the deadly fires on July 23rd.