Giannis Ploutarhos shares video of his kids angelic voices (VIDEO)

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Giannis Ploutarhos has surprised his followers on youtube, uploading a small snippet of his daughter Katerina and son George singing ‘Αχ Αγαπη’, written by Yiannis Parios.

Katerina and George, did not just grow up with music because of their dad’s profession, but they also have inherited their father’s angelic voice and musical gene.

For George, this has been known for a while, as he uploads videos of himself playing the guitar and singing to his various social media accounts. His father has also called him out on stage, to sing for the crowd at his concerts.

But what the internet and fans discovered yesterday is that Katerina has a phenomenal voice as well!

A youtube user commented “Εγώ βλεπω δυο παιδιά που μεγάλωσαν μέσα στη μουσική προφανώς και μόνο που τραγουδάνε δυο λέξεις το νιώθουν και το αγαπάνε πολύ! Πολύ γλυκό το βίντεο! Πολύ όμορφες φωνές! 💕” (“I see two children who grew up in music obviously and when they only sung two words, you can see they felt it and love it a lot! Very sweet video! Very beautiful voices! 💕”)

Listen and watch here for yourself: