Athens looking to revive historical Merchants' Arcade


Athens Merchant Arcade

The once busy Merchants’ Arcade in central Athens may soon be revived, as the city’s mayor, Giorgos Kaminis is inviting all interested parties to submit proposals by September 15 for the re-use of 10 closed shops.

The move comes after a similar initiative underway for the re-opening of six shops on central Theatrou Square and is part of a broader city intervention effort to bring life back to inner-city neighborhoods.

The revival of the Merchant’s Arcade (Stoa Emboron) on Voulis St has been included in the municipality’s POLI² pilot project, which subsidises neighbourhood upgrade and renovation projects.

Athens Merchant Arcade

The program aims to support business ventures active in the social and solidarity economy by providing incentives such as subsidies for rent and operational needs for six months, from October 2018 to March 2019. The ultimate goal is to actively encourage and stimulate social entrepreneurship towards the creation of a productive hub within the currently out-of-use arcade.

“We are moving ahead with the implementation of our plan, re-opening 10 closed shops located in the heart of the city’s commercial center, in the Merchants’ Arcade,” said Kaminis.

“We invite anyone living and working in Athens, businessmen, residents, new creators to take this opportunity and take a big step towards bringing back the liveliness and prospect of Athens’ neighborhoods, squares or small commercial corners,” he added.

Interested parties can submit their proposal for the Merchants’ Arcade program through by September 15

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