Greek girl ranks 3rd in Europe and 10th in the world in Microsoft World Championship

Effie Ziota

Microsoft champion

Effie Ziota, a 16-year-old from Kavala had huge success participating in the Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship, ranking 10th in the world and third in Europe, having competed against one million other students from around the globe.

The Microsoft Office Specialist World Championship was held a few days ago in Orlando, USA, is a global contest, evaluating students’ skills in applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. People aged 13 to 22 were eligible to participate from 140 countries in the world.

Initially, 16-year-old Efi had won first place in the Microsoft PowerPoint Pan-Hellenic Competition, while two more students, Anastasios Melas of Sparta and Panagiotis Nikolopoulos from Afidnes, Attica, had taken first place in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word respectively.

These three students, who formed the Microsoft Office national team, travelled a few days ago to the US to compete among the 140 finalists who are the best on the planet, in their respective field.

“In the last five months, I studied non-stop under the guidance of my professor, Panagiotis Aslanidis, who supported me very much in this endeavor. But my parent’s help was also important, and they constantly encouraged me,” said Effie after having taken first place in the national competition.