Death toll reaches 95 from Greek wildfires

Mati Athens wildfire
Mati Athens wildfire
*Image source: The Independant.

On Monday, a 63-year-old man lost his life due to severe burns in the Intensive Care Unit of the KAT Attica General Hospital. Sadly, this has raised the death toll of the eastern Attica wildfires to 95.

According to the Directorate for Criminal Investigations of the Hellenic Police, 81 of the deceased persons found in the Mati area after the fires have been identified.

Based on several reports, 30 burn victims are still hospitalised in various hospitals around Athens, with 7 of them being treated in Intensive Care, and 4 are still in critical condition.

One child is still being treated for burns at the Agia Sophia Children’s hospital but is thankfully in good health.

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