Young Greek surgeon invents 3D surgical instruments set to change the medical field

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Dr Petros Bangeas

The invention of three-dimensional printed surgical instruments developed by young Greek surgeon Petros Bangeas is set to change the medical field forever.

These unique three-dimensional printed surgical instruments with antimicrobial and anti-bacterial properties are being used to train medical students worldwide and were introduced at a trauma Seminar, titled "ABCS3-Applied Basic Clinical Seminar with Scenarios for Students".

three-dimensional printed surgical instruments

These tools are a global novelty because they do not need sterilization like steel because they carry a silver nanoparticle film that prevents bacteria from attaching.

"These tools are cut and sewn to the measure we want them to be. Three-dimensional printed surgical instruments have been used by Americans during the war in Afghanistan. The originality of our own tools though is that they do not need sterilization because they are coated with silver nanoparticles that have antimicrobial and antipromolar properties,” said Dr. Bangeas.

At present, as Dr. Bangeas said, these instruments are not available on the market but are used in a self-funded experiment. The purpose of using three-dimensional printed tools is to use them in situations of mass destruction or wars where there is no possibility of sterilization, however, there has been a huge and positive response and Dr. Bangeas believes they will be available worldwide very soon.