“Take a picture, not a pebble” Skiathos appeals to save Lalaria beach

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Residents of the island of Skiathos along with the Culture Association of Skiathos are appealing to tourists to “Take a picture, not a pebble” from one of their most beautiful beaches that is being destroyed.

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The rounded white pebbles, which locals call “Lalaria” (from the ancient Greek word las meaning stone) can only be found in a specific area on the beach, and can only be accessed by sea.

Visitors to the picturesque Lalaria beach, now encounter a sign that tells that taking pebbles is strictly prohibited. A boat that takes tourists to the location displays the same message.

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The campaign by the local Cultural Association in cooperation with the Port Authority of Skiathos has worked hard to introduce a ban on removing the characteristic pebbles and urges tourists to comply. Strict fines ranging from 400 to 1000 euros will be issued for the removal of Lalaria pebbles for noncompliance.