From Chios to Doha, Mastiha Shop arrives in Qatar

Mastiha shop

Mastiha shop

Living abroad can be challenging. Besides the obvious difficulties of having to cope with feeling homesick -missing your loved ones, friends and family, there is one more thing you have to manage. What happens with your eating habits? Well, yes, you can survive without them, I know, but let’s face it. Life gets better when your food is Greek or Greek inspired.

So, what made me really happy about life in Doha for the last months, is the amazing find coming straight from the island Chios to the Pearl of the Middle East.

Mastiha Shop is now open in Pearl, Doha. How cool is that? Mastiha Shop is an international franchise from Greece having outlets in Athens, New York, Mecca, Paris, Thessaloniki, Chios, Dubai, and now Qatar.

I had the chance to talk with Mr. Shadi, the Marketing Manager and our discussion was super “delicious”, along with, what else, Greek coffee with mastiha.

mastiha shop

How did this start? Who had the idea to bring Mastiha Shop to Qatar?

The owner (Qatari) visited Dubai and Greece and was really interested in bringing the business to Qatar. After the necessary communications and plans, she opened this store at the Pearl. Our challenge is to create awareness regarding the multiple benefits of mastiha products!

Well, yes, mastiha has various benefits and most people are only aware of the famous gum. But there are more. What can people find at the store?

Exactly. Mastiha is so good for health. People are going to be surprised at the range of products we have. Rose water, chocolates, and Greek coffee with mastiha flavor, oil, water, sour cherry topping of ice cream, loukoumia are only a few!

mastiha shop

Where can people find you in Doha, besides the store at the Pearl?

We attend many festivals, as well. Chocolate & Coffee Festival, for example, was great. The success was big. Same with Baladna Farm Market, we are there every weekend. We are trying to show presence wherever we can!

The packaging is also very nice, I noticed.

Yes! We pay attention to detail and also, you can find many creative ideas for gifts.

Well, there you go! If you live in Qatar or if you plan to visit, pay a visit to the Mastiha Shop in the Pearl. Choose your favorite product and enjoy the Greek flavors and scents!

Maria Petropoulou


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