Confronting footage captures moment deadly wildfires broke out (VIDEO)

Attica wildfires

Attica wildfires

Kathimerini has obtained confronting footage showing the moment the deadly blaze broke out in Attica on the afternoon of July 23.

The video has been taken from a security camera outside a home in the area of Mount Pendeli, showing a fire breaking out in a clearing between houses at 4.41 p.m. and quickly spreading over the following two to three minutes, fuelled by strong winds.

According to the footage, the first fire engines arrived at the scene more than half an hour after the blaze broke out. The fire service was also trying to respond to a blaze in nearby Neos Voutzas and to another in Kineta, western Attica, that had broken out earlier in the day.

According to sources, several people are pointing the finger towards a 65-year-old man who allegedly burned wood outside his home on July 23 and is a prime suspect in the probe.

The footage which was released by Greek publication Kathimerini on Tuesday is currently under examination by police experts.

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*Source: Kathimerini