Cypriot Smurf says his dream is to make people laugh for a living

Cypriot Smurf

Cypriot Smurf says his dream is to make people laugh for a living

Cypriot Smurf
Cypriot Smurf says his dream is to make people laugh for a living

You've probably seen the viral videos “If Siri was a Greek Man” or ”Greeks Love Lemons” being shared on social media.

These funny videos are presented and produced by 'Cypriot Smurf' and today we have a chat with Peter Kypri, the guy behind these hilarious skits which have gained him thousands upon thousands of followers worldwide who can't wait for the next one!

The name ‘Cypriot Smurf’ was given to Peter by his cousin who made fun of Peter’s height (as he’s not the tallest person in the world) and Peter thought it had a good ring to it so began to use it as his comedy name.

Cypriot Smurf has lived in Cyprus most of his life, and the inspiration and ideas behind skits such as ‘Souvlaki Plays Tinder’, ‘Greeks at Traffic Lights’, and ‘If Siri was a Greek man’ are all from his family, friends and those around him.

“My brain is non stop thinking of videos or ways to create things, if I see something which I find funny I automatically think how can I create it as a video. I like to develop videos that people can relate to,” says Peter.

The length of time it takes to produce each one, he says depends on the idea. It could take from an hour to a week, which includes editing and making sure everything is perfect.

“I still have much to learn as I'm not a videographer and just doing the best I can, learning every day,” he says.  

In one of Cypriot Smurf’s skits called ‘The Crouching Tiger Hidden Policeman', he mentions, "In Cyprus there aren’t any police cameras so policemen go through some serious ninja training as they always appear out of thin air and catch you when you just go slightly over the limit", when asked if this idea came from real-life experience, he admitted that it did.

“Yes this has happened to me, I got pulled over for going just over the speed limit once, and the guy appeared out of nowhere its like they hide on purpose just to catch you out. I would like to add “Don’t Speed” to everyone reading this!”

Some of his family and friends were and still are supportive, but says the majority think he is crazy and that he should concentrate on work and finding a wife. But that won't stop Peter from making vlogs, Snapchat and Instagram stories, which he absolutely loves and says is natural for him because he enjoys it, and people get to know his personality. When he isn’t making videos, he is either going to the gym, playing football, exploring, meeting up with friends, or researching new ways to improve.

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Another crazy idea and video from Cypriot Smurf was the making of the biggest Frappe in the world, in a glass that was 26 inches high and measured 40 litres. When asked what inspired him to do this, Peter responded, “I love Frappe everyone knows that, and one day I was in IKEA and saw a big vase and thought to myself, I wonder if I could make a Frappe in that? So I bought it and planned with my friend to make it.”

For Cypriot Smurf, making him laugh is easy, as he will crack up at the slightest thing, and admits sometimes that's not a good thing as it gets him in a bit of trouble. Peter says he even laughs at himself. When asked what his all-time favourite skit is, without hesitation he said the first one “How Cypriots Roll Part 1,” as that’s the day he created the character Souvlaki.

If Peter could, he would love to do this for the rest of his life and that is the aim, “It’s my dream to make people laugh and smile for a living. For the future, all I can say is that the production will be bigger, and in the vlogs, I will be exploring more of Cyprus and hopefully going abroad too.”

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