Experience Mykonos like a local

Mykonos Town Windmills

Mornings in Chora

Mykonos town is as picturesque as Greek island towns come. Mornings are the best time to appreciate the beauty of the Chora, without the crazy crowd of revellers. Sit down for a leisurely breakfast at Bombonniere and stock up on unique and modern gifts and souvenirs from the quirky Anamnesia. 

Experience Mykonos like a local *Image by Nick Bourdaniotis

No trip to Mykonos town would be complete without a visit to Gioras bakery (established in 1420, it's the oldest fournoon the island).

Do all this while stopping along the way to take photos of the winding whitewash alleyways, the bright bougainvillea trees, the Cats of Mykonos (and if you're lucky, you just might spot a certain Pelican).


More of that Greek Blue Bliss at Elia Beach

Parties aside, Mykonos is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the Cyclades. Elia beach is no exception, with glistening waters that are contrasted by the surrounding dry, arid mountains that are synonymous with this island. Order some cocktails and a side of watermelon while you soak in this amazing part of the world.

Elia beach


 While there is no shortage of enticing beach bars in Mykonos, there is a hidden side to the island, with dazzling secret beaches that are only accessible by boat. If sitting on a patch of sand with nothing but rocks and sea surrounding you sounds like heaven, book a Kaiki (traditional water taxi) at the port, and have paradise all to yourself for a day. Visit the utterly remote Tsagari and nearby Fragia beach or head north to Fokos and Mersini beaches and feel like the true King of Mykonos (just make sure you take supplies with you as these beaches are usually totally isolated).

Fragia beach

…and Turf!

While the boat can take you to some remote parts of the island, having a set of wheels is the best way to explore most of Mykonos.

Get on the road and become acquainted with the desert-like surrounds of Mykonos airstrip, beaches like Ftelia and restaurants like Spilia at Agia Anna beach. Stop to take photos of the gorgeous views and strike an Insta-worthy pose next to the tall bamboo brushes that are found around the island.

Chat with locals and ask them where they like to go for a swim, or simply just lose yourself in the wonder of this small but enchanting isle. That’s when you'll realise that you may never be done with Mykonos.

Gina Lionatos


Originally from Australia, Gina lives in Athens where she works at a software start-up and spends her free time uncovering the hidden gems of Greece. A self-confessed Foodie and Gin-snob, Gina has a knack for discovering the places you wish you'd known about sooner!