Greek coffee chain Mikel to open first store in Sydney on Saturday

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Chances are if you live in Greece or have visited the country in the last 10 years, you've had a Freddo Espresso or Freddo Cappuccino from Mikel, Greece's leading coffee company.

After opening its first shop in Larissa in 2008, Mikel Coffee Company has expanded to almost every suburb in Greece and only continues to grow.

after a successful 10-year expansion, founder Emmanual Kyriakakis has near 200 shops internationally with headquarters of the company having moved to London in 2015 to support its global expansion, but has also taken his brand to the UAE and Cyprus.

And now, it's making its way Down Under.

After years of Australia's growing Greek population demanding Mikel to branch out in Australia, the first shop is set to open this Saturday, August 25 in Sydney's Five Dock.

“Mikel Coffee is growing to respond to the continuously increasing demands of its customers,” Mikel Coffee Company AU wrote in a Facebook announcement earlier this week.

“A new chain spot in Sydney is now joining our chain of stores,” it continued, inviting everyone to attend the Grand Opening to enjoy the brand’s 40 signature beverages first hand.

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