A woman who forgot her son on board a ship when she descended in Santorini, has finally been reunited with her 12-year-old child.

The incident occurred on Friday morning on a Minoan Lines ship which was operating on the Heraklion – Santorini – Ios – Paros – Mykonos route.

The mother and son boarded from the port of Heraklion for Santorini. When the ship reached the mother’s destination shortly after 11 am, she descended the ship… without her son. When she finally realised that her son was not with her, it was too late, as the ship had already sailed for its next destination.

According to Antenna News, the 12-year-old boy has been fast asleep and had not realised what had happened. In complete shock, the mother quickly ran to Port Authorities and explained what had happened.

The crew of the ship were immediately informed and located the unaccompanied child. The child was under the protection of the crew members until he would return to his mother’s care later in the afternoon when the ship would return to the port of Santorini.