Three foreigners arrested for murdering Greek Student in Athens


Nikos Moustakas

Greek police have arrested three foreign nationals over the death of 25-year-old student Nikos Moustakas at Philopappou Hill next to the Acropolis on August 15 last week.

The Pakistanis are aged 17 and 28 and were arrested at the Idomeni border crossing as they were trying to flee Greece for FYROM on Thursday.

arrested over death Acropolis
*Two Pakistanis arrested over death

A  25-year-old Iraqi national was also arrested in Athens on Thursday evening.

Moustakas’ girlfriend has identified two of the suspects.

They reportedly confessed to having robbed Moustakas and his Portuguese girlfriend but they denied they were involved in this death, or to have pushed him off the cliff.

While two of the perpetrators were with Moustakas, the third one grabbed the girl’s bag and stole her wallet with 60 euros, her mobile phone, and her passport.

The girlfriend alerted police after she heard her boyfriend falling from the rocks and the perpetrators fled.

Greek police are continuing the investigation and have detained several migrants in downtown Athens, with some giving information about the perpetrators.