23-year-old Greek teacher wins first prize in World of Robotics


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Diana Voutyrakou is a bright, 23-year-old Greek girl who has won first prize at the World Youth Innovation and Technology Exhibition in robotics with her team in Shanghai.

A graduate of the Department of Electrical Engineering and specialising in Robotics-Surgery, Diana is also co-founder of NGO Unique Minds and a teacher of robotics. Unique minds is an innovative organisation which advises academics, students, and kids with studies in science.

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For the competition, Diana helped her two robotics students Yannis Papadopoulos and Iason Soomoglou for two and a half years to build the model of a sustainable community that secured first place, at the exhibition and will now prepare for their respective Pan-Hellenic competitions and world Olympiads.

Their project concerned an autonomous, sustainable community that produces, saves, converts and shares energy, taking into account the distance of houses to make the best use of energy.

At the same time, the homes were equipped with sensors so that no electrical device will operate when it is not needed, but also a Bluetooth system for the user to control the temperature and electrical appliances of their home from a cell phone. Similarly, pedestrian traffic lights pumped energy from the sun and only functioned when they detected a pedestrian waiting to pass the road rather than 24 hours a day. Even in gyms and playgrounds, the kinetic and dynamic energy was transformed into electric.

Congratulations to Diana and her team.