Greece’s cancer society calls for smoking ban at beaches


smoking beach

The Hellenic Cancer Society has called for a ban on smoking at public spaces, including beaches, parks, and sports facilities.

According to reports, they have asked the Greek state to extend the smoking ban and emphasised that it is time to apply this practice in Greece, now that many cities in Europe have begun implementing it. 

 "We are addressing once more the Ministry of Health and asking to bring to Parliament the appropriate legislation and for the Municipalities to place special signs in public areas," said the President of Hellenic Society, Evangelos Filopoulos.

He noted that the Society launched the campaign two years ago to raise awareness of the smoking ban on playgrounds and on beaches where cigarettes are a toxic waste for the environment and a health hazard to people.

The Cancer Society has also created signs reading "Do Not Smoke. Here We Play!" for municipalities in Greece to display in public areas.