18-year-old from Rhodes is Greece’s top student for 2018

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Sotiris Sokorelos

18-year-old Sotiris Sokorelos from Rhodes is the top student in Greece for 2018, with the highest score of 19,641 in his Panhellenic exams he was the first to be accepted into Athens Medical School.

"I'm so happy! I've always had a dream of helping people throughout the world and I wanted to do it through Medicine because my father is a doctor too. I tried a great deal and I achieved my goal," says Sotiris.

The highly intelligent student wants to become an orthopedic surgeon, like his father and says that his success is due to methodical reading. "I did not have a specific reading program. I read from the material they gave us in the tutorial. For example, I did not have a fixed reading program of five hours a day. I think that in this year's Panhellenic, the goal was not about the amount of reading but the right reading, as you needed to get deeper into the subject."

"With faith and patience everything can happen," concludes Sotiris and advises those who are going to sit for the Panhellenic examinations next to try and have "a deeper understanding of the subjects you are studying."