Rouvikonas anarchist group raids Foreign Ministry in central Athens

rouvikonas foreign ministry

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by Aggelos Skordas

Two anarchists of the anti-establishment group Rouvikonas stormed into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in downtown Athens on Tuesday early morning after scaling the buildings gates. The anarchists left a bag containing a Palestinian flag as well as photographs depicting Palestinians killed during recent clashes with Israel’s armed forces.

The group was protesting Greece’s cooperation with Israel and a video of the raid was posted on the anti-authoritarian website. The footage shows two members of Rouvikonas climbing the ministry’s metal gate and entering its courtyard unimpeded.

“This time, we decided to take a symbolic action, depositing a bag that contained a Palestinian flag and a few pictures, in the courtyard of the foreign ministry. They were photographs of the dead from the last ‘episode’ in the genocide of a people, triggered by the recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, by a diachronically of the Greek state, the US”, Rouvikonas highlighted in a post on the anti-authority website.

On his behalf, a leading member of the anti-establishment group described the raid on a Facebook post: “Today just after 3.00 in the morning, comrades from Rouvikonas entered the courtyard of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and left a bag, which contained a Palestinian flag and 60 photographs of the dead of the Palestinian struggle. A symbolic move ... Although, I cannot but point out that if there was a bomb in the bag, the building would have been blown in the air. Keep your eyes open you murderers’ associates.”

“After the Defense Ministry and the embassies, now an invasion in the Foreign Ministry in the heart of Athens. Nothing works in the SYRIZA era. Nothing can be considered safe”, conservative main opposition New Democracy says in a statement issued after the group’s latest raid.

It should be noted that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs is considered among the best-guarded buildings in Athens and is located opposite the Greek Parliament.

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