Naxos breaks Guinness World Records by cooking 625 kilos of Tiganites Patates

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Naxos fried potatoes

Naxos has once again broken the world record by cooking and serving up 625 kilos of tiganites patates (fried potatoes) beating their last year's record, which was 554 kilos.

In less than eight hours locals had fried 625 kilos of potatoes which were served to the entire island as part of the 9th Annual Potato Festival, which has become one of Naxos' most popular event.

From Monday through to Saturday, members of the Naxos Agricultural Cooperative Association, their families and dozens of volunteers washed, peeled and cut a total of 1,800 kilos of their famous and delicious potatoes. The net weight of the potatoes that resulted after cleaning and frying amounted to 625 kilos.

Naxos patates

At midday on Saturday the 1st of Septemeber, they began frying them and finished shortly after 10pm and needed 800 kg of local olive oil and 24 large pots to complete the huge task.

The 625 kilos of potatoes, was much more than the previous record that was also recorded in Naxos last year with 554 kilos, and Guinness Book officials were there to witness the event and certified that the record had indeed been broken again this year by locals from the island.

Naxos set to break world record by cooking 600 kilos of Tiganites Patates