Maria Menounos planning traditional Greek wedding in Arcadia

Maria and Keven Undergaro
Maria and Keven Undergaro

Rumours are circulating that the much loved gorgeous Greek American television host, Maria Menounos will soon have a traditional Greek wedding, including a Greek Orthodox ceremony at her father's village of Arcadia in the Peloponnese.

This comes after Maria and Keven Undergaro, who have been together for twenty years, had a civil ceremony earlier this year during Fox’s New Year’s Eve live broadcast and surprised fans just before midnight as they exchanged vows, which was officiated by her co-host Steve Harvey.

Maria Menounos NY wedding

Details about the upcoming nuptials were hinted by Maria in an interview with a US radio show, where she was asked if they were going to have a religious wedding, to which Maria answered, "we are planning a wedding in a village in Greece, but everything will be done at the last minute."

She then added "I believe that the weddings in Greece go through the father's side. So my mother may be from Kalamata, but I'm from Arcadia."

maria Renouons and mum Litsa

A few days ago, Maria also took to social media to celebrate her cancer-survivor mum, Litsa on her 64th birthday. The close mother and daughter had a very special day, with Maria surprising her mother with brunch complete with mimosas at her Hollywood home, before they participated in a painting party, in which they painted a gorgeous beach from Kalamata, where her mother is from.

On Instagram, Maria shared "Happy birthday to my mom! Two years ago she was diagnosed with glioblastoma. We threw her a birthday party and I was terrified it would be her last. Here we are two years later celebrating her again. Don’t believe statistics believe in miracles. God has been with us every step of the way. So grateful for today:)”