Three foreign fisherman granted Greek citizenship after saving lives during tragic Attica wildfires

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1416044 aigiptios psaras@

Three foreign-born fishermen who desperately helped save many lives during the tragic wildfires in Attica in July will be granted Greek citizenship, Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said in a video posted on his Twitter.

"The fishermen of Nea Makri, locals and migrants, battled heroically during the tragedy to save lives. The nation recognises their self-sacrifice and we thank them," said PM Tsipras.

*Video of PM Tsipras granting citizenship

A representative of the Nea Makri fishermen who was invited to speak requested that the government grant the two Egyptians and one Albanian, citizenship for their heroic and selfless actions. All three, he said, jumped into the sea to pull people onto boats despite life-threatening circumstances. Each has lived in Greece for at least 22 years and deserve to be recognised, he added.

Tsipras responded, "We already consider these three fishermen fellow Greeks" and said he has given the Ministry of the Interior directions to take up their case.