Trump supports Greece as a major strategic partner: US Ambassador

01photo pano mikri go to greece pyatt 1

01photo pano mikri go to greece pyatt 1

The American Ambassador to Greece Geoffrey Pyatt declared Greece as a key ally and strategic partner for regional stability during an interview with ERT TV.

“We consider Greece as a key ally, and a stabilising player in the region” said Pyatt whilst also referring to his country’s participation in this year’s International Trade Fair in Thessaloniki.

“It is clear that our participation in this year’s Trade Fair in Thessaloniki, that American companies are considering afresh the investment opportunities that Greece has to offer.”

“I am pleased by our strong presence in the Trade Fair and with all the Greek American companies that are participating given many of them hail from Macedonia, Northern Greece.”

“I bring a strong message from the Trump administration that the USA respect the alliance with Greece and want to see the country eventually exit once and for all the crisis that has afflicted Greek society,” he added.