Grandson stabs his Pappou and Yiayia to death in Kavala

By 5 years ago

In what can only be described as a family tragedy, which has left an entire community shocked, an elderly couple was killed in their home in Kavala, after their grandson repeatedly stabbed them to death.

The 24-year-old admitted to police officers of his double murder and reports say the young man was known to have psychological issues and has previously been hospitalised in a psychiatric clinic.

The young man, whose mother has died and has no relationship with his father was currently living with his 85-year-old grandfather who is retired and his 80-year-old grandmother, who had serious health problems.

Relatives who live in the same apartment block told police they did not hear any noises but when one of them went to see visit them at 11 am, they were left horrified at the scene.

The family members immediately suspected the grandson was the attacker and told the police department. Authorities questioned the grandson, who admitted he had committed the double murder.

He did not explain what prompted him to kill the people who cared for him or give details of how he did it.

The two elderly were transferred to the hospital of Kavala, where a necropsy is being conducted to determine how many stab wounds they had and their time of death.

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Copyright GreekCityTimes 2022