Greece and USA deepening relations, as Turkey looks on

Greek and American Flag

Greek and American Flag

Greece's Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras is scheduled to meet with US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross later today, signifying the increasingly closer ties the two countries have been working on, especially given the tension both have with neighbouring Turkey.

Sources close to the government said the meeting also highlights the important role of Greek-American relations in Greece's exit from the crisis after the completion of its fiscal adjustment programs.

Tsipras and Ross will meet at 17:15 in the premier's office in Thessaloniki.

The extensive presence of American businesses and commerce officials at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) opening on Saturday also sends an indisputable message of support to the Greek economy and its prospects, the sources added.

"It is clear that the US did not rest on the symbolism of being an honorary country at TIF, but they see it as a starting point for further bolstering economic collaboration between the two countries," they said, pointing out the following:
- The agenda of the PM's meeting with the American commerce secretary will include Greece's growth potential and an exploration of those sectors that American investors are most interested in investing in.
- Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Information Minister Nikos Pappas will be attending the meeting, and an expected focus of the meeting will include innovation projects and startup businesses. Innovative projects hold a special place at this year's TIF, as the high participation rate - an unprecedented 120 startups - will be represented at TIF's Pavilion 12 on "Digital Greece".
- Secretary Ross will also meet with Deputy Premier and Economy and Development Minister Yannis Dragasakis, in the context of the Work Group for economic and trade collaboration between Greece and the US which was set up last year when PM Tsipras met with US President Donald Trump at the White House. Talks will include progress towards the group's aims and future plans.
- PM Tsipras will also meet with top-level officials and CEOs of large American companies attending TIF. The sectors represented at the Fair include energy, financial services, pharmaceuticals, foods, shipyard repairs, and recycling. Several directors of US companies related to these sectors are expected to attend the meeting with Tsipras.