Sifnos' celebrates Tselementes Cycladic Gastronomy Festival 2018



The island of Sifnos has kicked off its annual "Nikólaos Tselementés" Cycladic Gastronomy Festival, which is an internationally recognised three-day event, presenting Cycladic flavours, dishes and cultural traditions to guests.


The festival is named in honour of Nikólaos Tselementés, who was a famous Greek chef of the early 20th century. Tselementes was born in Sifnos and is considered one of the most influential cookery writers of modern Greece with Greeks worldwide owning his famous Tselemetes cookbooks.


Every island has its own booth at the festival, which is located at the central square of Artemonas, where amateur and professional cooks and chefs prepare and present recipes from their islands of origin. Visitors can taste those recipes, visiting the islands' booths.

Sifnos festival

At a specially formed corner of the square, the "Little Tselementedes" (6 to 12-year-old kids), wearing aprons and colourful cook hats, participate in cooking games and contests that are specially created for their age.


There is also live music and dance events with traditional tunes of Sifnos and the other islands.

The entrance to the festival which will continue over the weekend is free and the food is also complimentary to visitors.

This year there will be-

Presentations of traditional customs, such as pottery and mat making, the representation of a traditional wedding etc.

A small bazaarwith products and treats from the participating islands (at the central alley of Artemonas)

The"Giannis Atsonios" exhibitionof folklore items (at the central alley of Artemonas, right opposite to the church of the Virgin Mary of Balis)

Exhibitionsof photos, paintings etc. (at the primary school of Artemonas)

Exhibitionsof photos, paintings etc. ("Marianthi Simou" cultural center)

Seaside cooking.During the three day festival, every morning under the responsibility of local associations, Sifnian recipes are being presented, at the seaside villages.