Aussie Firefighters fundraise for Greece’s Fire victims

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In Photo: The Consul General of Greece Mr Karras welcoming  Senior Firefighter Johnny McGirr, (in no order) Inspector Graeme Moore, Superintendent Andrew Faunce, Superintendent Peter Stathis, Inspector Nick Andronicos, Station Officer Tim Lyons, Senior Firefighter Josh Bolin, Senior Firefighter Ben Gaudin, John Cassimatis, Anthony Halikiotis.

Senior Firefighter Johnny McGirr and his colleagues from Newtown Fire Station in Sydney were so moved by the recent tragedy of the deadly Attica fires in Greece that they decided to embark on a fundraising campaign in support of the victims.

McGirr and his mates designed T-Shirts which incorporate the Greek flag and have made them available for sale online with proceeds to be transferred to the designated bank account set up by the Greek Government.

The Newtown Fire Station in Sydney recently made the news in Greece after their heartfelt message of support for their firefighting colleagues and the people of Greece during the fire tragedy, was proudly displayed in “Greeklish” on their noticeboard.

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Screen Shot 2018 09 10 at 6.55.34 pm

Their display of solidarity for their firefighting “brothers and sisters” didn’t go unnoticed on social media to the point that the Consul General of Greece in Sydney Mr Christos Karras noticed their activity and invited them to the Consulate General to congratulate them for their efforts and to lend his support for their worthy cause.

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You can purchase a T-Shirt here:

*All Images by Nick Bourdaniotis Photography (Copyright)