Greek army arrests two Turkish servicemen for illegal entry into Greece


Greek border Evros

Greek authorities have arrested two Turkish military officers for allegedly crossing into Greece illegally, according to Associated Press.

According to the same report, a spokesperson for the Greek army, who requested anonymity, said the incident took place along the border in northeastern Greece on Sunday and denied media reports which suggested that gunfire was exchanged between both sides.

The Turkish army statement, released first, said the soldiers were trailing migrants to keep them from crossing into neighbouring Greece, but accidentally passed the border themselves.

The two soldiers gave depositions, with the first claiming that he had lost his way and found himself inside Greek territory and the second saying he had gone to search for his fellow soldier.

The Turkish army said the soldiers were detained at 11am Sunday and released after 7½ hours after talks with Greek authorities.

The Greek army confirmed the time of release, adding that the defense ministers of the two countries, Greece's Panos Kammenos and Turkey’s Hulusi Akar had been in contact.