Robbie Williams wife not impressed by her husband 'checking out' sexy Greek X Factor contestant (VIDEO)



Athena ­Manoukian's performance of 'Crazy in Love' on the X Factor UK has gone viral after Robbie Williams' wife Ayda Field reacted to her famous husband checking out the gorgeous twenty-four-year-old singer from Greece.

Ayda was not happy at the way Robbie was looking at Athena who was auditioning, singing and displaying her raunchy moves on stage. She was caught on camera giving her husband a sharp side-eye glance as he watched.

Athena began her performance by winking at the camera, wearing a plunging maroon mini dress with thigh-high gold boots.

After Athena's performance was finished, Robbie looked over at his wife and asked her "What am I allowed to think?"

Despite her husband's enjoyment of watching Athena's performance, Ayda told the star "You're a beautiful girl. I found it a bit cheesy," after Robbie told Athena that "there's a lot about you that's amazing. If you had the right songs you'd be a pop star," and advancing her to the next round of the competition.

As Athena left the stage after her performance, Robbie jokingly uttered "So, so ugly" to his wife, who didn't seem too impressed.

The reaction and hostility between the couple has gone viral on social media, with the moment Ayda giving Robbie "the look" becoming the past few hours most shared and commented meme going around.

Watch the video here for yourself: