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Mati school

The new school year commenced across Greece yesterday, however, for those in the Attica region it was a very difficult day for students, teachers, and parents who took time out to remember those who lost their lives, loved ones and homes due to the horrific wildfires that swept across Mati and eastern Attica in July.

Eleven children in total sadly died during the wildfires and when the first bell rang at schools across Attica yesterday morning, it was an emotional time for all those present.

“Together we will wipe tears and open our arms to all those who are suffering. We had a very difficult summer, with so many who lost relatives, lost friends, some of you have lost your homes and we are all here to support each other,” said the Principal of an elementary school in Mati.

Dimitris Alexopoulos
*Dimitris Alexopoulos sadly lost his life in Attica wildfires

Yesterday was especially difficult for students from Nea Makri high School, who lost their 13-year-old classmate Dimitris Alexopoulos on July 23rd. The tragic story of Sotiris was made known worldwide as his father shared a photo of Sotiris with the hope that he would be found alive, however his body was sadly identified on July 28, as being one of the victims.