Village in Pella left shocked after wife finds husband sexually abusing mentally disabled daughter

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Pella abuse

A small village community in Aridaias, Pella, has been left in complete disbelief after a woman found her 65-year-old husband sexually abusing their 44-year-old mentally disabled daughter in her bedroom while the mother was looking after her grandchildren in the other room.

According to reports, the woman entered the room of her daughter and was left in utter shock, witnessing her husband sexually abusing their disabled child. The mother immediately went to the police who began an investigation, including a physical examination of the woman, which proved that the man had been abusing his daughter.

The 65-year-old man has since been arrested and charged.

"This is a monster who has attacked an innocent child because she is essentially a child. We expect justice," the lawyer of the woman told media.

A trial will commence soon at a court in Edessa.

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