Athens to Thessaloniki new speed train set to become number one form of transport

TR 1


The new ‘Silver Arrow’ speed train which will run the Athens-Thessaloniki route in less than three and a half hours is set to become the number one form of transport for those travelling between Greece’s two main cities, said Italian transport company TRAINOSE.

Referring to the arrival of the ETR 480-“Silver Arrow” train in Greece and its presentation at the 83rd Thessaloniki International Fair, TRAINOSE noted that the train came to Greece to carry out some trial runs on the existing railway lines.

“Our target is for the train to become the first choice for transportation between Athens and Thessaloniki and we are fully dedicated to this goal,” TRAINOSE said, while adding that there will be very high level of service offered to passengers, which would remain the same as those enjoyed by the guests of the Silver Arrow’s maiden run in Greece.