Greece’s Next Top Model judges take a stance against Plastic Surgery (VIDEO)


Greece's Next Top Model

For the last few decades, the portrayal of body image in the media has been a huge issue when it comes to models being featured in magazines, on runways, in advertisements, on television, and in all other media outlets, with huge criticism surrounding skinny models, photoshop and an obsession with unrealistic weight.

Fast forward to 2018 and now Reality TV, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and other forms of social media have risen in popularity and the concept of “beauty” has again changed, with a huge emphasis being placed on plastic surgery, Botox, and now there are filters on images that are not real or natural.

Greece’s Next Top Model 2018 has just premiered and the four judges on the show have made it very clear on what they consider beautiful and that doesn't include breast enhancement, lip fillers, Botox, nose jobs and any other form of plastic surgery!

They are actually straight out telling contestants they refuse to work with them due to the fact that their look is not natural.

The judges have told many of the 'model wannabes' there is nothing appealing about looking like another person and having "identically shaped eyebrows, duck lips, fake boobs, extensions in hair and butt lifts,” especially when most of these girls are aged 17 to 24.

Many have criticised the judges for their comments however most are applauding them saying it’s about time the media is speaking up and standing up against the obsession with plastic surgery and fake beauty.

A lot of this attention has surrounded 24-year-old Anastasia Voskanidou who set her sights on becoming Greece’ Next Top Model, however was shut down quickly by all four judges who told her, although her body was the best they have seen, her nose job, lip fillers, and other unnatural enhancements have in fact ruined her profile and made her very unappealing, giving her no hope of working as a model.

When questioned as to what cosmetic surgery she had done, Anastasia was reluctant to answer and at first said “No, I haven't’ had anything done,” until the judges persisted and she finally admitted that she had a nose job and said the last time she had lip fillers was two years ago, which they found hard to believe.

Anastasia was very confident that she would do well, however after the reaction of the judges she realised there was no way of changing the minds of those who were deciding what will now work in the modelling industry.

*Watch the judges reaction to Anastasia here: