Promoting Crete's natural beauty to the world (VIDEO)



Wanderlust Greece, which is a part of Marketing Greece has launched a new video featuring the beauty of Crete in an effort to increase average spending and to extend the tourism period on Greece's largest island.

This is the 4th season of Wanderlust Greece, which visited Crete for 15 days seeking all the must see's and do’s for travellers and to ensure more people worldwide add Crete to their bucket list!

From the old town of Chania to the mountain Mylopotamos, and from Heraklion to the island of Chrissi, "Wanderlust" presenter George Lentzas travelled around the island. There are also scenes of practicing yoga overlooking the breathtaking Triopetra, mountain biking in Kapetaniana, a natural "balcony" with an endless view of the Libyan Sea, excursions to the picturesque villages of Crete, a boat trip to Chrissi and Loutro, SUP boarding in Elounda Bay against the background of the historic island of Spinalonga, not to mention local traditions and customs such as the famous Cretan lyre and delicious Cretan delicacies are all captured in this video.

"The trip to Crete has been a real challenge for us as the destination constitutes a top Greek tourist brand. One of our quests was to follow the promotion strategy of the Region of Crete, working in a supportive and fully harmonised way with its central message 'The Island Inside You'", Marketing Greece CEO Ioanna Dreta said.

"Our goal was to create a list of experiences that highlight all those aspects of the product that make Crete a flagship of Greek tourism," she added.

*Watch the campaign right here: