Chinese ‘invasion’ on Mount Olympus

Chinese Mount Olympus

Chinese Mount Olympus

Dozens of tourists from all over the world, and especially from Hong Kong, have landed in the last few days on Mount Olympus for holidays and for their favourite sport, paragliding.

Mythical Mount of Olympus is the best possible field for this kind of alternative tourism due to the morphology and climatic conditions that create the appropriate thermal gas streams.

The take-off points for the paragliders are located in Kalyvia Olympou, Karya and Kallipheki. This particular region draws a parallel with Hawaii's counterpart for surfing and has become world-renowned as the best paragliding field in the world.

“The possibilities of the mythical Mount Olympus are enormous. Athletic tourism is just one piece of it. We have put a great deal of emphasis on sports tourism through dozens of events we have done, and we are also doing paragliding,  initially improving the infrastructure needed by athletes for both access and take-off and landing points. So far we have mainly Germans in the region, so it is important to open up the Asian market as it will make us optimistic about the future,” said Kallipheki.