Greece's greatest air show Athens Flying Week 2018 takes off

By 4 years ago

Crowds gathered over the weekend to witness the greatest air show in Greece, near the Tanagra air base in Athens and watched spectacular aerobatic displays during Athens Flying Week Tanagra International Show 2018, with more than 350,000 loyal fans from around the world for the 7th year in a row.

Some of the most exciting demo teams from around the planet, such as the Belgian F-16 Demo Team, the Swiss F-18 Hornet and the PC-7 TEAM, the Spanish Air-force with two F/A-18, the Poles with ORLIC and MIG 29, left spectators speechless with their amazing performances in the sky.

The air show also featured the participation of six highly skilled civilian pilots from countries all over Europe.

Events included presentations of historic Greek military equipment, model aircraft, and helicopters as well.

Besides air displays, the base also hosted a trade show, an exhibition of aircraft, a kids’ play area, as well as food stalls and markets, which was enjoyed by all those who attended the popular event.

*Photo credit: Giannis Panagopoulos from Eurokinisi


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