Greece’s First Electric Vehicle set to hit European roads in 2018



Greece’s first-ever electric vehicle, a two-seater car with an autonomous range of 100-120 kilometres, capable of speeds of up to 80 km an hour is now in full production and available for sale in Greece, while also being approved for purchase across Europe.

It is just 224.5 centimetres long, 129 centimetres wide and 157 centimetres high, weighing 670 kilos with its batteries. It comfortably seats two and its 7.5 kW electric motor is powered by six 72-volt batteries.

At a public rapid-charging station, the batteries can be recharged to 80 percent capacity within minutes, according to the manufacturer, while fully recharging the vehicle at a regular power outlet requires between six and eight hours.


It has been approved for Greece and Europe, as a four-wheel city vehicle, while the company’s second line is a low-speed motorcycle with a 3kW motor.

The ECO-CAR has an MP5 touch screen with a perfect fit on the dashboard. 

It also features a USB port, SD card, Gps Navigation with full Greek menu and maps and Bluetooth for in-car listening, plus a special rear-view camera for parking security.


Ecosun enlisted the help of a Luxembourg firm for the issue of licenses to distribute the car, which has gone into mass circulation and set to hits roads across Greece and Europe in 2018.

The company already has a larger-than-expected number of orders for the Ecocar, which is small and cost-effective, with the running cost totalling 1 EUR per 100 km.

Even though it is being manufactured in China, its designs and technology are 100 percent Greek!