Larissa, Greece's Coffee Capital

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Larissa is the fourth largest city in Greece and is located in Thessaly, between Athens and Thessaloniki. Although it isn’t very touristy, it has an energetic vibe and cool café scene, that sets it apart!

Here, you will find locals sipping on coffee all day long, including mornings, lunchtime and evenings! Many say they consume three cups of coffee a day, be it a Freddo Cappuccino, a Greek coffee and now they have a variety of new cafes serving international styles including Latte, Espresso, Macchiato, Ristretto, Picollo and everything in between!


Residents, especially university students, as there is a huge campus here in the central mainland grab their coffee to go, or you can catch many sitting down in between classes, enjoying their caffeine hit while socialising with their uni friends.

Larissa has always been known as Greece's "coffee city" however recent research has actually confirmed that people of Larissa are the number one coffee drinkers in Greece.


There are around 162,000 residents in Larissa yet here you will find over 1,600 cafes, bars, restaurants, taverns and other stores that serve coffee, confirming there is a huge coffee culture here.


In fact, it is said that people from areas around the city head to Larissa on a daily basis to enjoy the café scene and on any given day there is up to 200,000 people in Larissa, including the 40,000 visitors who just come here to grab a coffee and a dessert!

According to the Chamber of Commerce in Larissa, there is a total of 16,308 registered companies in the city and 1,600 of which sell coffee, showing that 10% of local businesses are coffee-related!


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