11-year-old Greek boys abducted from school in Cyprus, found safe

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Two 11-year-old Greek boys Themistoklis Doglis and Phillipos Stamatakis have been found safe after being kidnapped from their school in Cyprus, where they are currently living.

The news was confirmed by the Cypriot Minister of Education, Kostas Chambiaouris and local media, after a huge search by Lacarna police was underway.

Their kidnapper, a 35-year-old Cypriot, has been arrested for their abduction after a witness called the police saying he saw the two boys entering an apartment block near Kamaron Primary school.

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The events of the kidnapping unfolded as the two boys were playing in the schoolyard with another 5 friends and were allegedly approached by a man outside the school, who said he was a new teacher and needed help getting books out of his car and the boys followed.

Authorities at airports and ports had been alerted and a huge search with roadblocks and helicopters was underway for the two boys and their kidnapper.

Nicos Anastasiades, the President of Cyprus, congratulated the Cypriot police and the State’s authorities for their efforts.

The boys are not related to each other, however, are good friends and both their families are Greeks who have moved to Cyprus for work.