Nikos Vertis new music video “Πρόσεχε Καλά”

Nikos Vertis Prosehe Kala Νίκος Βέρτης Πρόσεχε Καλά Official Videoclip

Nikos Vertis Prosehe Kala Νίκος Βέρτης Πρόσεχε Καλά Official Videoclip

One of Greece’s most popular performers, Nikos Vertis has released the music video to his song “Πρόσεχε Καλά”.

Filmed in Kavala, one of the loveliest and prettiest cities of northern Greece, Vertis floods our screens with incredible scenic shots of the city where he grew up in.

This incredible song’s lyrics and music was written by Vertis himself and the video clip was directed by Luydmil Illarionov, who has collaborated with the favourite singer in recent years.

The beautiful and popular ballad is released by Heaven Music and is the fourth song from his album ‘Erotevmenos’ to be played on the radio.

In winter, Vertis will return to Athens for his incredible sell out show “YTON the music show".

“Πρόσεχε Καλά” Lyrics in Greek

Θάλασσες κι ουρανό θα ταξιδέψω να ‘ρθω να σε βρω
μες την αγκαλιά σου για να ζεσταθώ
κι αν η μοίρα μου το φέρει και δεν μου κρατάς το χέρι
ένα γράμμα θα σου γράψω όλα να σ’ τα πω

Πρόσεχε καλά τι κάνεις σ’ αδιέξοδο με φτάνεις
σαν και μένα άλλον πάλι δε θα ξαναβρείς
Πρόσεχε με τα δικά σου να μην πέσεις στη φωτιά σου
κι αν καείς να μη με ψάξεις δε θα είμαι εκεί

Θάλασσες θα κολυμπήσω για σένα ναυαγός
στον ορίζοντα να ψάχνω για ένα φως
κι αν ανάψω την καρδιά σου κι ούτε τότε καταλάβεις
ένα γράμμα θα σου γράψω είμαι μοναχός

“Πρόσεχε Καλά” Lyrics Translation

I'll travel overseas and to the moon to come and find you
to warm up in your hug
and if it's fate that brings it to me and you don't hold my hand
I'll write you a letter and tell you everything

Be careful of what you're doing cause you are brining me to a stalemate
you won't find again someone like me
Be careful not to fall on your own fire with your actions
and if you get burnt don't look out for me, I won't be there

I'll swim overseas for you like a castaway
I'll be looking for a light on the horizon
and if I light up your heart and even then you won’t understand
I'll write you a letter, I'm on my own