2,000-year-old painting found in Cumae

2000 tomb

2000 tomb

A 2,000-year-old painting depicting a naked servant carrying a jug of wine and a vase, has been found in a tomb in Cumae, which is considered as the first settlement started by the Ancient Greeks in modern Italy.

Cumae is located 15 miles west of Naples, in southern Italy, which historians believe was founded in the eighth century BC.

This is the only part of the painting which has survived on the tomb walls, however scientists speculate that the rest of the painting depicted other guests at the banquet.

Archaeologists and researches have been working at the site since 2001, recovering remains and traces of funerary furnishings.

In a statement from The French National Centre for Scientific Research, they noted that "the excellent state of conservation of the remaining plaster and pigments, such a décor in a tomb built in that period is rare...this discovery is also an opportunity to trace artistic activity over time at the site."