Greek mother of four wins Gold at Taekwondo Pan-European Championship


Sarantoula Pagonaki

Sarantoula Pagonaki, a police officer from Orestiada in Thrace, and a mother of four has won gold for Greece at the Pan-European TAEKWONDO Championship for Police and Firefighters, which was recently held in Spain.

A statement by the Police Department of East Macedonia and Thrace said: "This success makes us triple proud, firstly because this huge distinction comes from a member of our union, secondly because it is both a victory for the Hellenic Police and thirdly for the dominance of the Greek team in this sport as a whole.”


“We would like to congratulate Sarantoula on this huge success, as she is an example for all of us and proof that with faith, all can be achieved. And apart from an athlete, our Sarantoula is also a great police officer, wife, and mother of four children."

The dedicated mother had actually given up Taekwondo for a while but with the encouragement of her loved ones, picked it up again and along with plenty of training with her coach Maria Karpathaki, managed to come first in Europe.

Bravo Sarantoula!