Tsipras praises Greek people in overcoming crisis



Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has praised the Greek people and acknowledged their sacrifices during the crisis, during a reception held at the offices of the Consulate General of Greece in New York.

"Thanks to the efforts of the Greek people, we managed to exit the regime of harsh surveillance. Today we are all determined to turn a page," Tsipras stressed.

The Greek PM expressed his gratitude to the Greek expatriates for their important ceaseless efforts. Tsipras said that since 2016 he remembers their deep faith and their confidence that Greece could overcome the great difficulties and stand again on its feet.

“The Greek people leave behind the difficult period that started in 2010," he said. He added that the country has left behind the eight-year period when it lost a great part of its economic sovereignty and managed to become a normal country again.
 Moreover, he said Greece regained its lost geopolitical role and its importance as a country of stability in a more destabilised region. "Greece is playing a leading role in the South-eastern Mediterranean and Europe," he stressed.