Museums and Archaeological Sites across Greece open to the Public for Free

Acropolis Museum

Acropolis Museum

Greece has joined 50 other countries worldwide to celebrate European Heritage Days 2018 with free admission to the Acropolis Museum and other Greek archaeological sites and museums across the country from today September 28 through to the 30thof September.

The annual event held by the Council of Europe and the European Union promotes the continent’s diverse cultural heritage and encourages greater tolerance for other cultures across Europe.

In a statement on Wednesday, Greece’s Culture Ministry said that events at 106 locations in Greece will include music and dance performances, plays, book and photography exhibits, and tours.

“Through stories big and small, visitors will learn more about cities and sites and discover stories hidden in the heart of cities, in their neighborhoods and in their streets,” it said.

Some of the events include: 

–    “ Found in Athens: Stories of the city through its antiquities,” a tour by archaeologists of the National Archaeological Museum
–    Underwater archaeological tours of Aegina antiquities
–    Tours of Vravron site and museum in Attica
–    “ A walk in ancient Patra” following in the footsteps of Pausanias
–    A concert at the silver crafts museum, Its Kale Fortress, Ioannina
–    “ The children and Larissa of the hidden secrets,” a sample excavation for children aged 10-12
–    “ The Anatolian Army in Thessaloniki, 1915-1918,” a photo exhibit and lecture series at the Byzantine Culture Museum of Thessaloniki
–    An evening concert at the Archaeological Museum of Chania, Crete with Medieval and Renaissance music
–    “ In Cornaro’s neighborhoods,” celebrating 16th-century Cretan author Vincenzo Cornaro with a couplet competition, including music and dance in Piskokefalo Sitias, Crete

A list of the full program (in Greek) can be found here.