Train collides with car in Lamia, leaving one woman dead 3

One woman is dead and two others are seriously injured after a tragic incident occurred, where a train crashed into a car in a town near Central Greece’s city of Lamia.

Authorities who rushed to the scene of the accident found a woman sitting on the passenger’s seat dead, and two other passengers seriously injured.

Train collides with car in Lamia, leaving one woman dead 4

According to reports, the car tried to pass the crossing when it collided with the passing train, dragging the vehicle for at least 1 km. also reported that the car was waiting behind another vehicle for a while as the boom gates were up and that as soon as the gates went down they tried to pass the tracks however the train heading for Athens passed at the same time, instantly killing the passenger.

The woman who died was the principal of the local High School and the rest of the passengers were her colleagues, also teachers of the same school.

The accident happened while they were commuting to work and what makes this story even more tragic is the woman’s two children are now left orphaned as her husband and father of the children passed away two years ago.

The incident has left the entire community in mourning.