Greece amongst top 10 marble exporters in the world  

Greek marble

Greek marble

Export of Greek marble has made a sharp rise worldwide, especially to the United Arab Emirates.

According to a new report from the Dubai Information Economic and Commercial Affairs, in 2017, Greek marble exports rose by 17,274,133 euros, with a share of 8.1% of total exports, of 12% or 1,961,223 euros compared to the previous year.

Greece was amongst the world’s top ten marble exporters in 2017.

The value of marble imports from Greece to the UAE in 2016 was $13.6 million according to data revealed by the UAE Ministry of Economy.

The Thassos marble from Greece is widely used as flooring in the Grand Mosque and around the Holy Kaaba in the holy city of Makkah, Saudi Arabia. This is because of its unique property that reflects the sun’s rays and heat during the day and keeps the surface cool. It is not surprising that marble exporters from Greece have been looking to the region to boost trade.

The information document concerns the participation of Greece in the international exhibition MIDDLE EAST STONE 2018, which took place from September 4 to September 6 at the  World Trade Center Dubai.

According to the organisers, this event included 400 exhibition stands of 28 exhibitors (2017: 250 exhibitors from 27 countries) and counted 4,000 buyers. A total of 8 entries from Greek companies were registered in a national booth under Enterprise Greece.

Fascinated by its colour and symbolism, the Greeks used marble as both a structural and ornamental material in their public buildings. Ancient Greek sculptors are famous for their spectacular works of architecture and art in marble.