Teacher arrested after seeking bribes to pass students

thessaloniki mother


A teacher from the Technological Educational Institute of Serres was arrested on bribery charges along with the owners of two private colleges in the city.

It is alleged that the men received bribes from students in return for favourable treatment and passing of exams.

The case came to light after an investigation by the Department of Internal Affairs of the Greek Police instigated after a series of complaints. As described in the prosecutor’s case file against the three men, they allegedly would fail students but then ask for a ‘gift’ in order to pass them.

According to a police announcement, these gifts included either the provision of work in a professional office or the covert payment of money as a consideration for allegedly attending courses in the tutorial of the alleged professor's assistants.

In the same announcement, police confirmed investigations were carried out in the houses and offices of the parties involved and seized the amount of 178,045 Euros, 15 deposit books and bank transfers with a total amount of 140,000 Euros to a foreign bank, a number of mobile telephones, computers, drives and portable data storage units.