Government to compensate agricultural sector after Cyclone Zorba damages

cyclone zorbas damage

cyclone zorbas damage

The Minister for Rural Development and Food, Stavros Arachovitis announced that the agricultural sector will be compensated for damages incurred by the recent extreme weather conditions.

“Producers can declare damaged fields” said Arachovitis during a media interview with ANA in response to the mobilisation of The Hellenic Agricultural Insurance Organization (ELGA) to record damage suffered by producers.

"ELGA, from the first moment on Monday, had a meeting with regional directors all over Greece to make a first assessment of the situation. At the same time, the local supervisors of the Prefectures were out in the fields and made their first assessment in order to get an accurate picture and make decisions," the minister said, clarifying that after the announcements of the damages that were made, "the normal procedure is followed, to be evaluated by the agronomists who will write down their findings and get people their compensation,” added the Minister.

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