Greek Opposition party warns of consequences over FYROM referendum



Greece's main opposition party warned that if FYROM proceeds to implement the agreement following the referendum, there will be implications for Greece.

The warning came from New Democracy's Shadow Foreign Minister George Koumoutsakos, during an interview with Belgrade's Politika newspaper where he noted political developments in Greece as a result of the referendum.

After expressing his view that after the referendum, FYROM will enter a long period of uncertainty and lead to early elections. Mr Koumoutsakos said that "recent developments will impact Greece, as there are still diverging views in the government coalition concerning the Agreement but also on the outcome of the referendum and the developments that triggered it. So he can not rule out major political implications for Greece."

Koumoutsakos is currently in Belgrade, where he will meet with Serbian Prime Minister Ana Burnaby, Foreign Minister Ivica Datsis and European Integration Minister Jadranka Joksimovic. In the afternoon, he will speak at the Economist's 7th EU Southeast Europe Summit on EU enlargement and the situation in the Western Balkans.

During his media interview with Politika, Koumoutsakos clarified that New Democracy wants a solution to the name issue, as well as FYROM's integration into the EU and NATO, but stressed that the Prespa agreement is detrimental to Greece.

"We think this agreement is lame and ultimately damaging to Greece. It does not give a good definitive and complete solution. Our main objection is to combine the name of the neighboring country with the so-called "Macedonian" language and ethnicity. This combination is a 'greenhouse' for nationalism, " he said.