New study shows Mediterranean diet prevents depression


Greek diet

Eating a Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables, legumes and olive oil can help prevent depression, a new study has claimed.

So now there is more reason to keep eating Greek dishes which include fish, lentils, beans and yes plenty of olive oil, as scientists at the University College London found that a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, and fish, which is what traditional cooking in Greek regions consists of, could actually lower the risk of depression.

Researchers published their report in Molecular Psychiatry, giving an overview of current evidence on the links between what people eat and the effect it has on their mood.

Lead author, Dr Camille Lassale of UCL's Epidemiology and Public Health department said "There is compelling evidence to show that there is a relationship between the quality of your diet and your mental health."

“We aggregated results from a large number of studies and there is a clear pattern that following a healthier, plant-rich, anti-inflammatory diet can help in the prevention of depression.”

Of the 41 studies included in their analysis, four specifically looked at the link between a traditional Mediterranean diet and depression over time in 36,556 adults. Those that followed a traditional Mediterranean diet had a 33 percent lower risk of developing depression.

Not only is the Greek diet a great way to eat, drink and live, but it’s also a realistic and sustainable way to reduce disease, inflammation and a perfect way of maintaining a healthy weight range. So it’s no wonder that most leading doctors and dieticians worldwide recommend following a Greek diet.

When many people think of Greek food, Moussaka, Souvlaki and Baklava come to mind, however a traditional Greek diet is packed with greens, including Xorta (wild greens), Padzaria (Beets), Fasolakia (green string beans), Bamies (Okra), legumes including Fakes (lentils), Fasolada (beans), Revithia (chickpeas), vegetable dishes, fish and small portions of meat, so as long as you stick to this, as the research above suggests, you should feel more positive and happy on a daily basis.

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